Won Institute

Our school hosted three mindfulness teachers from the Won Institute to run the first of three workshops on self-awareness and self-control. The basic teaching consisted of “Stop”, “Examine”, and “Restore”. This program was developed in South Korea for use in the public schools, as educators they are working out ways to reduce the immense stress many young Koreans experience in a high pressure school system.

The students practiced communication and listening both in telling their own stories and in role playing. While doing this, they practice the skill cycle of “Stop-Examine-Restore” which is modern version of a very old teaching. In this, students stop themselves when they become aware of something being amiss with themselves or in a relationship. Perhaps they notice feeling angry or hurt. That is the time to examine what it feels like, what is going on, and to make the distinction between having a mind lost in the feelings and a mind that is observing the feelings. The next step is to restore the balance and openness of their true selves.

In order to reinforce the skills in the weeks between the three sessions, students and the instructors met online.

The teachers found our students to be polite, engaging, and insightful. They enjoyed the activities and noticed how these fit with what they are learning at The Lotus School.

We appreciate the time the Won Institute spent with us, thank you.