Helping Students Get to School

Here & Now‘s Robin Young talks to a therapist and a clinical social worker about why some students refuse school and what some schools are doing to help. At The Lotus School, we can be flexible and creative to help our students stay in school.

“When (school) resources are allocated in a way that is built on flexibility, creativity and really strong parent-school partnerships, you can see the momentum start to build. For example, having a greeter at the school, making it feel like a welcoming environment for that child to come to… When we are managing this and talking about this and thinking about this as a mental health issue versus a probation or legal system issue, the interventions around that tend to get more creative and more flexible.”

At The Lotus School, the students find a place where they can better reach their potential. By keeping small and thinking big, each student gets the personal attention they need to achieve more.