So what is mindfulness?

What Does Mindfulness Involve?
what is mindfulness?

Skills taught in mindfulness include:

Observation — paying close attention to what is going on around you
Description — being able to say what happened and how you felt in words
Participation — becoming involved in an activity without being self-conscious about it
Taking a Non-Judgmental Stance — accepting things as they are rather than judging them
Focusing on One Thing in the Moment — without distraction from other ideas or events
Effectiveness — doing what works rather than second-guessing yourself

Mindfulness also involves recognizing when you are running on automatic pilot — acting without thinking about what you are doing, as well as developing an attitude of loving kindness — a friendly, uncritical attitude towards yourself and others.

Being present and aware of oneself and one’s surroundings help our students remain calm and see the mind clearly. With mindfulness an integral part of our school culture, students are able to set aside distractions and make room for true learning.