Open House for Prospective Students

On Thursday, February 6, 2019 from 2-5pm, take the time to come by and tour our school, talk with the teachers, and learn more about our program.

We look forward to seeing you here! Please send an email to to register.

Knowing that small schools create less anxiety for teens, we create a community atmosphere that is responsive to their needs.

Students flourish in what a small learning community offers: low student/teacher ratio, strong connections with teachers and course work, and rigorous education that emphasizes experience over rote learning.

Our small class size combined with experienced educators meet our students’ needs for challenge with support.

At The Lotus School, the students find a place where they can better reach their potential. By keeping small and thinking big each student gets the personal attention they need to achieve more.

Learn more about The Lotus School Education Model - click here.  We look forward to meeting you!​

We will be working with prospective students to make a glitter jar as part of a workshop for students to create their own personal Mindfulness Jar that they can take home with them. The jar works as a reminder to practice awareness and kindness toward oneself and others.

Mindful Glitter Jar

Look at the mind jar and see if you can feel how calm it is. Now shake it up!

This is your brain when you are really excited, scared, angry, happy, sad, or feeling any BIG emotion. Wow! Look at all that glitter. It is hard to see clearly. Do you think that when our brains are like this that we are able to make good decisions?

So, what do we need to do? That’s right, we need that glitter to settle. Let’s hold it really steady. Let’s take some breaths together. Breathe in. Breathe out. Wow, look at the glitter settle at the bottom. Now let’s look through. Can you see to the other side? Do you think our brains are ready and able to learn now?

Is the glitter still there? Our big emotions don’t just go away. We still carry them with us. But now we know how to settle our glitter and get our brains thinking clearly.  Now we are ready to do our best thinking!

“We are all upset with lots of thoughts and feelings right now. So let’s all take a break until the glitter in the calm-down jar has settled and then start talking again.”

The Lotus School of Liberal Arts

More open house dates for 2020

For prospective students:

Saturday, March 21, 11am to 2pm

Thursday, May 21, 2pm to 5pm

For professionals:

Wednesday, March 6 from 5pm to 8pm