Lotus  Merit Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support to students that will not only enhance the vibrant community at the Lotus School of Liberal Arts, but add to the school’s compassionate, mindful, and lifelong learning atmosphere.

Eligible candidates should be able to show their ongoing commitment the following:

     Service to others


    Academic Integrity   

To Apply:

Please upload a letter describing:

  1. How you have been of service to other people?
  2. What leadership roles you have taken on in your life and what leadership you see in your future?
  3. What academic integrity means to you, especially when faced with difficulty?

Please upload a letter of recommendation from a teacher, a mentor, or community leader that discusses the above.

Lastly, we will schedule an in-person interview at The Lotus School regarding the scholarship

Each application will be reviewed by The Lotus School’s Merit Scholarship Committee. This scholarship will be reviewed each year and renewed for any student in good standing and who maintains their commitment to the purposes of the scholarship.

Short Essay:
Letter of Recommendation