The Lotus School is rooted in the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of being present and aware of oneself and one's surroundings. This awareness helps an individual remain calm and maintain self-control. Self-control, or self-regulation, is the primary developmental task of young adulthood; and at The Lotus School, we place a high importance on explicitly instructing students in building self-control so that they can be more thoughtful and calm in their daily lives and minimize reactive behavior. Calmness allows the students to focus on their tasks and relationships with clarity.

We start with the teaching of meditation every morning. Our students come to school, settle in, and then enter a room with their peers and teachers and work toward being still and silent. We guide the students through basic meditation practices and give students a general introduction to the social and personal applications of those practices.

Mindfulness also plays a large part in the nutrition and physical education practices at The Lotus School. Martial arts, yoga, healthy eating, and chores are an integral part of every student’s school day experience. Through these practices, students gain benefits that go beyond academic success:

➢ Awareness of how the inner life is rooted in the experience of the body
➢ Appreciation for how fresh, healthy food is prepared, presented, consumed, and shared
➢ Understanding of how meals contribute to a healthy community
➢ Importance placed on careful, attentive work to maintain the building and grounds
➢ Concern and care for maintaining order in school practices

Students are encouraged to support, appreciate, and hold accountable their fellow students in completing tasks through mindful consideration of each other. Within the flow of the school community, students have daily opportunities to observe mindfulness in action and apply the lessons to their own experiences.