Health and Wellness


Yoga is a difficult and rewarding approach fully focused on proper alignment and movement of the body, all the while encouraging an awareness of thoughts, emotions and sensations. At Lotus, we help students use yoga to align body, emotions, and awareness.

Young people benefit immensely from building this more thorough awareness. If good posture and a healthy relationship to the body and to movement in general can be established early on, many of life’s challenges can be more easily met.

Martial arts

A primary component of our health and wellness program is study of the martial art, Shim Gum Do. This translates as “Mind Sword Path,” an integrated program of physical and mental training that develops coordination, confidence, precision, and self-awareness. It is a form of moving meditation, an embodied mindfulness. Under the guidance of a teacher with extensive experience teaching adolescents, students learn dozens of sequenced techniques that lead to increased concentration, physical precision, and self awareness. Students also learn to guide less accomplished peers and directly experience the complexities and joys of teaching.


Lotus Liberal Arts is rooted in the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of being present and being aware of yourself and your surroundings. This helps an individual remain calm and maintain self-control. Self-control, or self-regulation, is the primary developmental task of young adulthood. We all need to be more thoughtful and calm in our daily lives so that we can minimize the reactive behavior and focus on what is at the core of how we feel and what we do.

This helps establish a clear sense of who we are and what we want from life. We start with the teaching of meditation everyday in the morning. Our students come to school, settle in, and then enter a room with their peers and teachers and work towards being still and silent. We guide them through basic meditation practices and a general introduction to their social and personal application.


Our brains and bodies function better if we eat nutritious food prepared in ways that maximize their health benefits. We encourage students to try new foods and to experience the many flavors and textures good cooking brings to us, and to be grateful for all the effort and sacrifice that goes into bringing even one meal to the table.

At Lotus, the variety and quality of our meals allow for all diets and allergies to be accommodated.

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