Fall Is Here!

It might be 80 degrees outside, but the Fall weather is upon us and the colors are starting to change.  The time for crisp walks and warm drinks is approaching and that change is a natural part of our lives.

Here are three ways to slow down and savor the season:

1. Focus on one thing at a time. Most of us are guilty of multitasking, but when our thoughts are focused on the ten other things we have to do, we lose the present moment—and miss out on small details that can improve our day, like noticing the color of the sky or the joke our friend made.

2. Nourish your body. A good meal can have a profound effect on our mood (there’s a reason “hangry” is a thing), and mindful eating can further enhance these benefits by helping us savor the taste, smell and overall experience of our favorite foods.

3. Shift your perspective. It’s easy to “live in the moment” when the moment’s enjoyable—but what about when it’s bad, boring or lonely? Savoring the difficult parts of life can bring about a new way of understanding our experience.

Here’s hoping you all find moments to enjoy being mindful this week.