Coffeehouse Fundraiser

2019 Coffeehouse Fundraiser

Thanks for a successful evening!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our Coffeehouse Fundraiser! It was the first one to be held at our new location in Harrow Station. We had a successful evening and we appreciate the support from friends, new and old. Many nice donations came in from local businesses and parents, and the folks who came out ready to bid on items were excited to take some things home!

Steve gracing us with his mellow, jazz guitar stylings.

Steffi and Theresa enjoying the food and company.

Thanks to Buffy, our former chef, for catering the event, and to Paul for accompanying her for an evening out.

Our Lotus Board Chair, Mary Cay – Thanks for all the hard work these past three years!

Thanks to Brig O'Doon coffeehouse for donating their wonderful coffee again this year.

Tina peruses a donation table, taking a breather from all the assistance with donated goods and set-up.