Brandon Shorts

“I attended public school for my freshman year. By the end of the year, I had lost all interest in academics, I was bullied and I was more anxious and depressed than I had ever been. I was in real danger of serious academic issues. My parents pulled me from that school at the end of that year. Through a friend, we had heard about TAS and looked into it. It ended up being the best thing I could of done.

I attended the school from my sophomore year through the end of my senior year. I graduated with a high school diploma and a set of life skills I would of never learned anywhere else. I learned everything from languages to critical thinking to physics and chemistry. My passion in science and math was nurtured and it put me on a path leading to college for chemical engineering. I ended up pursuing, and will be graduating with a degree in industrial engineering instead. But that broad foundation has been integral in my further education, regardless.

Even more importantly though, the school taught me the skills to cope with life. I learned everything from coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression, to socializing, to self-care. I can absolutely say the skills I learned at TAS had an essential influence on the well-adjusted and functional adult I am today. I left my freshman year hating high school, academics and many aspects of my situation. I was an intelligent kid in serious

trouble. I left my senior year with a 3.7 GPA on a path that would, ultimately, lead to becoming an engineer. The TAS model transformed my academic life and changed me as a person even more. I will always be beyond grateful for what I experienced there and even more hopeful the model lives on to always help more kids who struggled like I did.”