Benefits Of Meditation In School

Mediation helps students in school

Many schools are experiencing positive results on student behavior and learning from a daily 30-minute opening period of meditation and mindfulness, and the establishment of a “mindful room” for students who are acting out.

Some schools are also replacing detention with meditation as a way to help traumatized students learn to deal with their emotions and self-regulate their response to situations so they can approach learning with a more positive attitude.

Meditation is also a valuable tool for stressed teachers; in fact, allowing students to see how a teacher models these calming techniques can help students learn how to regulate their own emotions.

As social-emotional learning continues to take its place in many schools, some administrators are exploring the benefit of mediation in calming students before the day begins in earnest. The approach seems to be especially helpful for students facing traumatic situations outside of school because the period of meditation helps them separate the home and school environment so that stress doesn’t affect classroom behavior and learning to as great a degree.

Student anxiety is an increasing concern for teachers and administrators as it impacts the learning environment. Techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can play a role in reducing anxiety for students and teachers alike. These techniques are also being used, in some cases, as part of the disciplinary process because they help to de-escalate tense situations, making resolution of the issue easier.

The Lotus School begins each transition – school-day start, after lunch and school-day end with a short period of meditation.