Educational Support

LSLA is an expert in differentiating and accommodating the individual needs of each student. Our model relies upon a student services professional working collaboratively with the entire staff so each student’s needs will be formally articulated in a learning plan and adjusted as new milestones are reached and new needs arise. The grade of “C” represents a basic, minimum competence in the subject area. No credit or grade is awarded below this level of competence.

Supplementing this position is a Certified Wilson Reading teacher to aid students who are reading or writing below grade level, or have been diagnosed with learning challenges or dyslexia. This teacher will also work closely with the staff to diagnose and remediate reading and writing problems as they present themselves. All teachers will take the specific steps necessary in their classes to accommodate for and aid under-performing students.

The student-teacher relationship in The Lotus School practice is of great importance. Teachers have a responsibility to create the conditions for students’ awakening, whether this means awakening to a math problem, a conflict between peers, a work of art or literature, or a school rule or practice. Students have a responsibility to make a supreme effort to use the practices at Lotus to keep their hearts and minds wide open to everything that happens during the school day.

However, for a teacher to be a good teacher, they must be an open-hearted student. For a student to learn, that student needs to see themselves as a teacher and must care for others. This interweaving of the student and teacher roles is what sustains the community. One way of looking at it is this: we each have an obligation to keep an open, compassionate space in our being so that every person in the community can flourish. We also have to trust that every person holds that space for us.