Beyond Lotus

How will graduates of Lotus Liberal Arts handle the transition to college?

Due to our small class size and rigorous academics, our students generally feel better prepared for higher education and will make a more successful transition to academic life.

With their experiences being part of a strong community, as freshmen, they are more likely to feel a part of the campus community.

Having had experience in seminar style classes, and having completed our writing curriculum and completed a senior project, they will also find it easier to adjust to the academic demands of their college or university.

Every student will work with student services to develop an individualized plan for transition to a four or two year college or a certificate program. Our goal is to cultivate skilled, well-adjusted, resilient young adults who can flourish in challenging environments. The individualized student plan is a map that will help the student identify their strengths and where they need support; the development of this map should itself prove to be a valuable experience for the student. Students will also receive help with the college application process, as well as finding internships, employment, and community service opportunities.

Our graduates have attended colleges and universities across the nation.