Leadership Team Members

Stephanie Kenney, M.Ed.    stephanie@lotusla.org

Stephanie Kenney (M.Ed. in Integral Education from Endicott College, Beverly, MA; B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy from Boston College, Newton, MA) is a founding member of The Lotus School of Liberal Arts. As the Assistant Principal and Director of Admissions for Tinicum Art and Science, she enthusiastically embraced the concept of continuing her work with the same dedicated group of teachers and with the same educational paradigm.

Stephanie has been teaching for over 25 years and her classes have included Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Woodworking, Jewelry-making and Japanese. She has traveled to over 25 countries and speaks German and Japanese. She has worked with adolescents for more than 30 years and is certified to teach at the secondary level by the state of Pennsylvania. Stephanie holds a second degree black belt in Shin Boep and studies sword and Ho Shin Sul in the Shim Gum Do style of martial arts.


William Q Palmieri, M.A.    will@lotusla.org

Will received his B.A. in English from Kutztown University as well as an M.A. in English. He taught at Tinicum Art & Science for 18 years where he contributed to the development of the English core curriculum and elective courses, such as Aesthetics and Film History. He also designed and ran the photography program for 15 years and co-chaired the senior project committee. In addition, he assisted with technology infrastructure building in the classroom as well as facilitated school-wide interior space usage and classroom design.

His hobbies include photography and film studies, music history, playing drums, and rearranging spaces.

Steffi Park Eger, M.A.H., M.Ed.      steffi@lotusla.org

Steffi teaches Spanish and art at The Lotus School of Liberal Arts. She taught all levels of Spanish at Tinicum Art and Science for four years before continuing on with The Lotus School. Steffi holds a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Art, a Master of Art in Humanities with a fine art emphasis, and a Master of Education degree. She also holds PA state certification in Spanish and art.

Before teaching at Tinicum and Lotus, she taught Spanish 1-3 and 2D art at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School in Lansdale, Pa. She has been a classroom teacher for more than 20 years including three years teaching English as a foreign language abroad in Mexico and The Republic of Georgia. While teaching in The Republic of Georgia, she was awarded the 2011 Volunteer Teacher of the Year from the Ministry of Education and Science.

She is an avid runner competing for a local team in endurance events and spends time volunteering for runBucks’ races in order to give back to the running community.

Brad Wuerstle, B.S.       brad@lotusla.org

Brad is master of many trades. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh and is PA state certified in general science, math and physics. He lived in Alaska for five years where he was a Survival Instructor and was on the Denali rescue team on Mount McKinley. He provided hands-on training and instructed passengers and pilots to egress underwater aircraft. As a Local 1281 Journeymen Carpenter, Brad worked on the construction of the Alaska Convention Center.

When Brad moved back to Bucks County, he dreamed of living in a home that was good for the environment where he could grow food and work toward sustainable living. He researched how to design and build a ‘green’ home that was cost effective​, low energy and inviting. ​With this knowledge, he designed and built a timber framed, eco-friendly, geothermal and passive solar house. He did this on weekends and during the summer for two years while teaching math and science during the day. Brad enjoys learning and any outdoor activity from gardening to sailing.

Brad serves on the Board of Trustees of The Lotus School.


Faculty Members

John Muraco, M.A.       john@lotusla.org

Since 2000, John Muraco has studied a variety of approaches of creative expression and wellness for the achievement of self-expression, stress reduction, and the regaining of personal power. These practices have included the visual and performing arts, Yoga and wisdom traditions, and holistic lifestyle education and practice to promote physical and emotional health. In 2010, John received his Masters degree in Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  While there, he gained valuable experience using art in hospitals, supporting male and female veterans, and people living with cancer, dementia, and other challenging diagnoses. It was clear that art therapy and yoga provided a space for relaxing, and an expressive outlet for physical pain and deep emotions that were nearly impossible to put into words. After moving to Bucks County, PA, John began working with adolescents in residential treatment centers, who have lived through traumatic circumstances; again, the power of creative expression, movement, and free choice have proven to be instrumental in his clients lives moving forward.

For the past 3 years, his work has been dedicated to a growing practice and wellness center in Southeastern Pennsylvania. HeartWell House Expressive Therapies offers a space where clients and students can gain tools for inner stillness, empowerment, and a deepened connection to themselves, others and nature.  These are the three pillars to which John has dedicated his personal and professional life.

Joëlle Rublee       joelle@lotusla.org

Joëlle Rublee, the newest member of the Lotus faculty. Some may remember her from her last appearance at Lotus in 2016/2017, when she served as a substitute teacher. Since that time, Joelle has begun a journey toward a teaching career, and we are honored to have her in our classrooms this year, and to have her bright spirit among us.
Joëlle graduated from Tinicum Art and Science in 2006 and is a dedicated alumni to this unique education community. She graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA with a Bachelor’s of Art in Anthropology and Global Movements. While in college she studied abroad in New Zealand, France, Spain, and Mexico. Her experiences include volunteering on a goat farm in Iceland, working in Northern Alaska on a reality show about gold, becoming a Traveling Cheese Monger journalist, and an apprenticeship in interior design. Her main passion is expanding education; she believes that through the love of education, learning and practicing mindfulness, all problems can be solved. Joelle is currently pursuing her Private Academic Certificate by taking specialized education courses focusing on new knowledge of the brain, mindset and mathematics learning.

Adjunct Faculty

Grace Song

Grace Song is the Won Buddhist Studies Department Chair at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies and Buddhist Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania. She, along with support staff, have been conducting mindfulness workshops to support and enhance The Lotus School’s mindfulness-based programming.

Grace received her Ph.D. from Wonkwang University, M.A. from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies and Seoul National University, and her B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Toronto. She also completed the Mindful School’s Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindful Educator Essentials Training.
She specializes in incorporating mindfulness into educational practices, directed toward diverse groups and communities. At Lotus, Grace teaches students various mindfulness techniques to help them bring awareness to thoughts and emotions, hone concentration, and develop compassion for themselves and others.
If she’s not on the cushion, you will most likely find her browsing interior design magazines.