Board of Trustees

Mary Cay Altmiller Chair, RN, BSN, OCN
Mary-Cay graduated from The College of Mount St. Vincent with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 1986. She has been practicing as an Oncology Nurse for nearly 30 years. This career taught her how to be an advocate for patient’s special needs. This skill became a most valuable asset when she began facing the challenges of raising and educating an exceptional child. Her role as a mother/advocate was enhanced by post graduate certification in School Nursing from Cedar Crest College in 2008.

Stephanie Kenney, B.A., M.Ed
Stephanie earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics and philosophy from Boston College in Newton, MA and a Masters of Education in Integral Education from Endicott College in Beverly, MA. Stephanie was Assistant Principal and Director of Admissions at Tinicum Art and Science and is currently the Dean of Academics and CFO at The Lotus School of Liberal Arts. She has been teaching for 25 years. Her classes have included Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Woodworking, Jewelry Making and Japanese. She has traveled to over 25 countries and speaks German and Japanese. She has worked with adolescents for many years and is certified to teach at the secondary level by the state of Pennsylvania. Stephanie holds a second degree black belt in Shin Boep, and studies sword and Ho Shin Sul in the Shim Gum Do style of martial arts.

Peter Ryan, M.Sc, F.O.T.
Pete was principal of Tinicum Art and Science and is currently the Dean of Students and Development at The Lotus School of Liberal Arts. He is a certified focusing-oriented psychotherapist and trainer, an instructor in martial arts (Korean Zen sword), and has taught literature and social studies for nearly 20 years. He holds an undergraduate degree from Boston College in education and English literature, and a master of science in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in trauma studies from Chestnut Hill College. He is a third degree black belt in Shim Gum Do, the Korean martial art. He has studied closely with Zen Master Chang Sik Kim for many years. He is a poet and (unpublished) translator of traditional Zen texts and has entries published in the International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest on mid-20th century Italian politics.

David Ochmanowicz, Jr.
Dave serves as treasurer for The Lotus School of Liberal Arts. Professionally, he is a specialist in both group and individual insurance products. Dave and his family live in Quakertown. He is active with the Quakertown Neighborhood Association and recognizes the need for open communication and a need for flexibility to the dynamic needs of every student in the community. He has been a volunteer and organizer in various local, statewide and national committees since 2011.

Initial Executive Committee

Mary Cay Altmiller, RN, BSN, OCN - Chair

Stephanie Kenney, B.A., M.Ed

Matthew Kustafik, B.A., Certified Wilson Language Teacher

Peter Ryan, M.Sc., F.O.T.

Ruth Smith, B.A.

Penelope Ettinger, B.Sc., MSc.