Each day the Lotus School of Liberal Arts combines a rigorous curriculum, mindfulness practice and a physical education program integrated with healthy food, martial arts and yoga. The low teacher-student ratio supports a diverse learning experience for students who thrive in a small environment with close relationships.

All practices are intended to unite body, mind and spirit, keeping students grounded and encouraging healthy emotional development so they are able to thrive in all current and future educational pursuits.

The mission of The Lotus School of Liberal Arts is to cultivate a high school community of compassionate, mindful, lifelong learners who are able to meet life’s challenges with the confidence and knowledge of how their efforts can help create a better world for themselves and others.

The school is located at 85 Sherman Rd, Ottsville, PA 18942 in semi-rural Bucks County. The school is simple and intimate in its design, creating a peaceful environment for students to feel safe in their environment and conducive to practicing compassion and learning. The school sits on 6.5 acres and includes a working kitchen and dining areas where students and faculty eat together integrating the learning through informal discussion.