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September 2019

Hello Friends...

In review, September at The Lotus School has been filled with lively academic classes, community activities, workshops, and field trips.

We are planning to increase the frequency of our Newsletter to a monthly review of what is going on at school. We want to better communicate the many wonderful aspects of our program at The Lotus School. We enjoy keeping in touch with our community, current and past, and we appreciate all of the support and kind words from our readers.

Orientation Week

The first week at The Lotus School incorporates orientation exercises that bring together the community through mini workshops in meditation, yoga, communication games, art, gardening, and property care. The students and teachers are enthusiastic about the new school year, and are excited for the many service learning trips, educational trips, and workshops we have planned for this coming year that focus on aspects of our mindfulness practice.

Nockamixon State Park Mindfulness Hike

Nockamixon State Park Mindfulness Hike
On the last day of our orientation week, the school community took a walk to Nockamixon State Park for a hike. This excursion sets an example of how the mindfulness practice at school can be applied outside of school. The students apply mindfulness when silently walking in an evenly paced line, keeping in mind their surroundings, their fellow students, and teachers. It is easy …
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Open House – October 10, 2019

Are small schools better? Come to our Open House and find out! Countless studies have shown the benefits that smaller schools can provide students. However, budget cuts in recent years have led to public schools becoming more overcrowded than ever before. In such times of overcrowding in public schools, small private schools …
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The Lotus Merit Scholarship Opportunity

The Lotus School of Liberal Arts Merit Scholarship
The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support to students in grades 9-12 who will not only enhance the vibrant community at The Lotus School of Liberal Arts, but also add to the school's compassionate, mindful, and lifelong learning atmosphere. Eligible candidates should be able to show their ongoing commitment to the following:
  • Service to others Leadership Academic …
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"Color of the Moon" exhibit at The Michener Art Museum

What’s So Cool about the Moon, Anyway?

Our first museum trip this year was to the Michener Art Museum to see “The Color of the Moon.” The exhibit included 50 works by American artists that featured the moon. After looking at all of the artwork, the students each chose a piece that spoke to them and studied it, responding to a few questions to deepen their understanding of the work. Students imagined what message the artist was trying to communicate through their depiction of the moon and what historical event may have occurred under such a moon. After sharing their thoughts with the group, they discussed the cyclical nature of the moon. The students noticed that they were comforted to realize that the moon is always changing and will return to each phase over and over again.

Greek Culture Night at Lotus

Greek Culture Night at Lotus
Mark your calendar for our first Fall fundraiser on Friday, November 22nd, 7:00 - 9:00. This will be a night of music, dancing, food and fun! Our longtime friend of the school Michael Venianakis is bringing us an evening of entertainment to celebrate Greek cultural heritage in the expression of cuisine, music, and dancing. Ticket prices are $20 for adults, …
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Our Mission

The mission of The Lotus School of Liberal Arts is to cultivate a community of compassionate, mindful, lifelong learners who are able to meet life's challenges with the confidence and knowledge of how their efforts can help create a better world for themselves and others.