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IndieFlix Shines the Light on Anxiety with Must-See Documentary ANGST: RAISING AWARENESS AROUND ANXIETY A new film created to start community conversations about anxiety Presented by The Lotus School of Liberal Arts A film and panel discussion about how anxiety disorders are real, common, and treatable Wednesday, February 27th 7:00 pm Delaware Valley University • 700 E. Butler Avenue, Doylestown, PA • Life Sciences Building Reserve Your Ticket Here Meet the Panelists: Dr. Kristann Heinz - Red Hill Medical + Wellness Dr. Kristann Heinz is a board-certified medical doctor with the American Academy of Family Medicine and American Board of Integrative-Holistic Medicine. She is also a registered dietician and medical acupuncturist. Her medical facility, Red Hill Medical + Wellness is located in Ottsville, PA. Dr. Heinz is dedicated to the understanding that the basis for wellness and healing rests in a foundation of good nutrition, physical movement and emotional health. With personal research that is never-ceasing, she follows the charge that it is every person’s right and responsibility to truly understand their own personal health story. Dr. Julia Helstrom - Bucks County Center for Integrative Medicine Dr. Julia Helstrom started Bucks County Center for Integrative Medicine in 2016 because she saw a need for integrative and functional medicine to be at the forefront of primary care. Starting with her foundation in osteopathic medicine at PCOM, her belief that the body had an innate capacity to heal was confirmed and promoted. Dr. Helstrom did an extra year in medical school studying Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, a hands on technique to further evaluate and treat the body. She was board certified in Family Medicine after her residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC where she also had training in integrative medicine. Dr. Helstrom has continued her education through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is passionate about partnering with patients to determine each individual’s level of optimal well being.  Seeing patients experience life-altering changes in their health brings her joy. She is grateful for a supportive husband and two amazing children that fill her heart and soul. Dr. Faye Lovrinic - The Center for Neuropsychology and Counseling Dr. Faye Lovrinic is a licensed psychologist in Bucks County who specializes in working with children/adolescents and young adults/adults in transition.  With expertise in anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD and autism, Dr. Lovrinic utilizes a holistic approach to support the development of emotional resiliency with her clients and their families. Dr. Lovrinic's extensive work with children of divorce allows her to bring to the panel unique perspectives of their struggles and an understanding of protective factors that help.  When not working with clients, Dr. Lovrinic can be found hiking with her dogs, OM'ing at a local yoga studio, listening to music or podcasts and enjoying time with family and friends. Mr. James Mast, LPC - Penn Foundation Behavioral Health Services Mr. James Mast is a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified Eco-Systemic Structural Family Therapist. He works in the Mental Health Outpatient department at Penn Foundation. James' clinical work focuses on helping individuals, couples, and families understand and cope with a variety of mental health issues. He specializes in supporting children who are high risk for hospitalization due to the severity of their behaviors. He spends time collaborating with community organizations on subjects related to mental health. He completed his bachelor's degree in Psychology and master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Trauma Studies at Eastern University.  He leads workshops on topics such as peacemaking, the impact of social media, implicit bias, honoring diversity, and modern anxiety. He is involved in his community and strives to bring about positive change. Ms. Erin Tolson - Dean of Palisades School District Cyber Academy Ms. Erin Tolson is special education teacher with Palisades School District. At Palisades, Erin serves as the Dean of the Palisades Cyber Academy and an emotional support teacher at the high school. Prior to her career as a teacher, she spent eight years working in marketing for the pharmaceutical and banking industries. Erin completed her undergraduate work at Millersville University in Communication and Public Relations with a minor in Sociology. Although she enjoyed the business world, she had an overwhelming desire to become a teacher. In 2009 she left the business world and obtained a position as a teacher associate at the Centennial School of Lehigh University. Centennial is a nationally recognized private school specializing in working with students with emotional behavioral disorders and autism. While working at Centennial, she completed her masters in special education and elementary education. She additionally holds certifications in middle school science and English. Erin is currently enrolled in the Educational Leadership program at Lehigh University and is scheduled to complete her Principal Certification in May 2019. Outside of school, Erin enjoys traveling, riding her horses, snowboarding, hiking, Crossfit and spending time with her dogs.

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Mindfulness Resources - Can Mindfulness Help Reduce Anxiety Resources - Resources Online Safety Stay Safe has compiled an online safety guide that has tips for teenagers who use the internet. Click here to access their comprehensive safety guide. Mental Health Resources Dr. Faye Lovrinic The Center for Neuropsychology and Counseling 215.491.1119 Mr. James Mast, LPC Penn Foundation Behavioral Health Services 215.257.6551 Additional Resource Depression Alliance - How To Deal With Anxiety Very Well Mind - Manage Your Anxiety - How To Find A Therapist For Your Anxiety Disorder Karen DeHaven, MA, BC-DMT, LPC AHA! Studio for Integrated Therapies LLC PO Box 103 - 171 East Main St Silverdale, PA 18962 The Children's Center for OCD and Anxiety 3138 Butler Pike, Ste 200 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-1946 Medical Resources Dr. Kristann Heinz Red Hill Medical + Wellness 610.847.1111 Dr. J Helstrom Bucks County Center for Integrative Medicine 267.454.7262 Educational Resources The Lotus School of Liberal Arts 8340 Easton Rd Ottsville, PA 18942 484.312.0011 Ms. Erin Tolson Dean of the Palisades School District Cyber Academy and Special Education Teacher 610.847.5131 The Learning Cooperatives The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)

The link between anxiety and creativity

Creatively Anxious

Reserve your seat now.   Del Val, Feb 27th @ 7pm, Life Sciences Building, Doylestown, PA Linking Creativity and Anxiety Just as scientific research has found that anxious people tend to be more intelligent, there seems to also be a link between anxiety and being more creative. Psychotherapist Diana Pitaru explained that anxiety is often felt by creative people even if the symptoms vary from one person to another. It’s not uncommon to learn that creative people like artists, singers, actors, and writers struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety.  Read more about this here. But what about Math and Science? It turns out that creativity shapes our world in lots of different educational disciplines and an article from answers this question. So how do scientists come up with specific questions to study? You might be surprised to hear that the process involves large doses of creativity. A Nobel Prize-winning biologist, Peter Medawar, once referred to scientific research as "the art of the soluble" (Medawar, 1984, p. 254). Medawar did not mean that science is about things that dissolve – he meant that being successful in science is about figuring out which questions are solvable through scientific investigation, and then figuring out the solutions to those questions. The Lotus School     Senate Resolution 417: RESOLVED, That the Senate direct the Joint State Government Commission to establish an advisory committee to conduct a comprehensive study of issues, benefits and options related to instituting a later start time to the school day at  secondary schools in this Commonwealth. read full Resolution Here