teen sleep and anxiety

Teens Sleep and Anxiety

Reserve your free seat now Del Val Feb 27th @ 7pm Life Science Building The problem of sleep deprivation in teens is a concerning public health issue here is Pennsylvania. "it’s a radical thought, but what if the behavior we casually dismiss as “teenage angst” — the moodiness, the constant battles, the sleeping all day, the reckless, impulsive and careless behavior — is not in fact a normal part of being a teen? Or at least, not to the degree we assume it is. What if instead we are doing our teenagers a disservice by writing off as “normal” what are in reality the symptoms of chronic and severe sleep deprivation?" Sleep deprivation puts teenagers into a kind of perpetual cloud or haze, explains Dr. Mary Carskadon, a professor of psychiatry at Brown University and director of chronobiology and sleep research at Bradley Hospital in Rhode Island. “One of the metaphors I use is that it’s like having an astigmatism. You don’t realize how bad your vision is until you get glasses or in this case, good sleep.” That haze, she says, can negatively affect teenager’s mood, ability to think, to react, to regulate their emotions, to learn and to get along with adults. read more     Senate Resolution 417: RESOLVED, That the Senate direct the Joint State Government Commission to establish an advisory committee to conduct a comprehensive study of issues, benefits and options related to instituting a later start time to the school day at  secondary schools in this Commonwealth. read full Resolution Here