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Civic engagement can help teens thrive later in life

At The Lotus School, students participate in various ways in civic activities. This year we helped a shelter with a supply drive, worked with the church group, in Ottsville,with their biannual rummage sale. The students participate in student government, and all get a chance to add to an agenda, speak up for their views with the group and enact change on a very local level. The students also know that the health of our community is in their hands and that kindness to each other and to ourselves is the way…

The Lotus School

Some tips for transitioning to the new school year

According to Emily Kircher-Morris, LPC: It never fails: When August rolls around, parents begin calling the office. They are calling about their child, who made so much progress toward the end of the previous spring that we reduced or eliminated sessions. But as soon as the back-to-school supplies show up in stores, sleep patterns are disrupted, instances of acting out increase, and general chaos begins. Continue Reading