Our Mission

The mission of The Lotus School of Liberal Arts is to cultivate a community of compassionate, mindful, lifelong learners who are able to meet life’s challenges with the confidence and knowledge of how their efforts can help create a better world for themselves and others.


How we meet our Mission

Each day the Lotus School of Liberal Arts combines a rigorous curriculum, mindfulness practice and a physical education program integrated with healthy food, martial arts and yoga. The low teacher-student ratio supports a diverse learning experience for students who thrive in a small environment with close relationships.

All practices are intended to unite body, mind and spirit, keeping students grounded and encouraging healthy emotional development so they are able to thrive in all current and future pursuits.

Up Coming 

Doylestown as a Campus Day
Oct 24 all-day
Start of Second Quarter
Nov 6 all-day
Lotus Staff Development Day
Nov 7 all-day
Open House
Nov 7 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

BRAINsmART Therapies

Wednesday, October 18 5:30-7:30

The Lotus School of Liberal Arts Open House

and a free workshop led by

Dr. Nancy Lubow

A ‘cross modal’ Creative Arts Problem-Solving Approach

for Students and Educators

BRAINsmART is an arts-based approach to learning and healing the mind, emotions and body.

The principles of a cross modal creative arts approach are organized around the principle that ‘creativity integrates the brain and heals the mind’.

This workshop will help participants link the four different perceptual modalities: auditory, visual, kinesthetic and verbal to couple the learning experience with creative-receptive states of being. These skills are the tools students need to redirect scattered attention and chaotic emotions into the visual-spatial world of the right brain.

This process not only improves attention and focus, but increases cognitive ability, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance.

Thanksgiving Holiday Break
Nov 22 – Nov 27 all-day


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Lotus at Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary

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Lotus Volunteers

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Rosa Sophia

Without this school, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I graduated years ago, yet these teachers continue to be my friends and my support system. I don’t know what I would do without them. As a student, I was able to express myself creatively in ways that I could’ve never done in public school, following my dreams to create art, write, and finally enter the publishing industry. They encouraged me and helped me find my path. Thank you!

Felicia Ruth Holtz, M.A.

The Lotus School of Liberal Arts has all of the ingredients to allow a child’s innate potential to blossom. As an educator, I was blown away by the mindful curriculum and the obvious efforts to provide a healthy learning environment for adolescents. The faculty goes to great length to model kindness, discipline and the joy of lifelong learning. It’s an uplifting environment to step into and a forward thinking educational model.

Educational Support

We truly care about our students and want them to succeed in every aspect!


Through Martial Arts and Mindfulness Practice our student learn to .....


Our Strong community creates student that are dependable and can lead!!


Through mindfullness training our students learn to serve others!!

Our Unique High School

Shim Gum Do

The only High School with Shim Gum Do

Educational Support

Supporting our student through respectful relationships.


Setting time aside to refocuse to accomplish more!!

Graduation Support

Helping each student on there journey after high school