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Our Mission

The mission of The Lotus School of Liberal Arts is to cultivate a community of compassionate, mindful, lifelong learners who are able to meet life's challenges with the confidence and knowledge of how their efforts can help create a better world for themselves and others.


We teach students a daily mindfulness practice which supports an in-depth, rigorous education. With the goal of accomplishing tasks with less stress, accepting what appears in the present moment, and being open to what is next, students have a way to manage difficulties and to practice being grounded and genuine.


Community-based learning is an educational strategy in which we integrate academic learning with community engagement. Based on strong relationships between teachers, students, and community groups, this type of learning involves exploring the best interests of the group while maintaining personal responsibility.


With small class sizes, experiential learning, and collaboration, we guide students toward developing effective research and critical thinking skills to expand their intellectual inquiry. Our teacher-created curriculum is tailored each year to meet the individual needs of our students in order to prepare them for their future choices.

Stories they tell...

What alumni, parents, and educators say about our program:

Rosa Sophia

Without this school, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I graduated years ago, yet these teachers continue to be my friends and my support system. As a student, I was able to express myself creatively in ways that I could’ve never done in public school, following my dreams to create art, write, and finally enter the publishing industry. They encouraged me and helped me find my path. Thank you!

Crystal Ungaretta

The individualized approach and small classes helped me feel supported by my teachers and I stayed motivated. This prepared me for the next phase of my life. The mindfulness approach to teaching was therapeutic and gave me and my classmates a way to de-stress before absorbing the knowledge we needed to complete our courses. This school’s support was there when I needed it the most.

Christine Bennett

I could have gotten a “good” education anywhere—what I gained from this school goes beyond a traditional education. I have become a lifelong learner who can face all types of adversity without despair. I also believe I can contribute positively to my family and community due to the mindfulness practices that were instilled in me here. I never could have imagined making the dean’s list in college, living abroad, becoming a mother, having a career and running a business without this invaluable high school experience.

Brandon Shorts

I learned everything from languages to critical thinking to physics and chemistry. My passion in science and math was nurtured and it put me on a path leading to college for chemical engineering. I ended up graduating with a degree in industrial engineering instead, but that broad foundation has been integral in my further education.

Aaron Smith

Through various forms of meditation, mindfulness practice, and trying to combine these two things to help me train Shim Gum Do, this wonderful institution not only helped show me how to truly control my emotions and use them productively, but also enabled me to realize that I have such a huge support system in my life, and that asking for help is more than okay. I don’t know what I would have done or where I would be now without the school, but I do know for sure that it has changed and bettered so many lives, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Justus Altmiller

Before I went to TAS, I felt like I had no place in the world. Everywhere I went nothing seemed to work out. Then I found the school. For the first time in my life I had friends as well as teachers who cared. My teachers helped me get my life together and ready me for college. If I had not gone to that school, I would not have the appreciation for the arts that I have nor the friends for life that I made.

Felicia Ruth Holtz, M.A.

The Lotus School of Liberal Arts has all of the ingredients to allow a child’s innate potential to blossom. As an educator, I was blown away by the mindful curriculum and the obvious efforts to provide a healthy learning environment for adolescents. The faculty goes to great lengths to model kindness, discipline, and the joy of lifelong learning. It’s an uplifting environment to step into and a forward thinking educational model.

Tanya Storch, PhD

The Lotus School of Liberal Arts is among those very few schools in America which have the right vision and are capable of advancing education of our young generations in the right direction. Meaning, here, at The Lotus School, attention is paid to students’ hearts and minds, their active participation in the process of learning, personal responsibility for the community, and constant growth of their creativity.

Paul and Ulla Warchol

The welcoming and non-judgemental environment of the school impressed and reassured us immediately. After the first few weeks of Leo’s first year enrolled there, we noticed a remarkable improvement in his attitude toward himself and toward his responsibilities as a student.

Bill Hartwell

Here, students take responsibility for their school and themselves. Their days are filled with reading, writing and arithmetic but more—so much more. They use yoga and martial arts for physical education. They have art for all, and students prep for and clean up after every fresh and healthy meal. Students speak and act like adults respecting each other. Mindfulness is part of the curriculum and restorative practices for conflicts are woven through everything they do.

Vic Rawlings

I have never encountered an institution with a culture as inclusive, flexible, and fundamentally mature as at The Lotus School. Patience, humility, and an interest in the unknown rather than fear of the unknown are the ways I have come to know and recognize Lotus students.

Robert Nichols

One of the first things that hit me when arriving at the school and meeting several of the students was their independence. Of course they were polite and respectful as you would hope any student is to a guest, but it was the way they carried about their morning—preparing for classes, making their own breakfast, tidying the halls, interacting on a very adult level. This impressed me.

Students participate in student government, lead meditation and martial arts class, plan events, and learn to be active citizens. There are opportunities throughout the day for students to find the place where their gifts can be put into practice. Life asks us to lead in many different ways; at The Lotus School, students begin to answer that call.
Service Learning
Service is a part of the daily responsibilities that directly impact the quality of life for our teachers and students. Learning to clean and care for the physical school and volunteering for local organizations help our students connect their practice of empathy and compassion to the greater community.
Individual Paths

Through a process of goal setting and close collaboration with teachers, students use their interests and learning styles to drive achievement. Our goal is to cultivate skilled, well-adjusted, resilient young adults who can flourish in challenging environments. The individualized student plan is a map that will help students identify their strengths and areas of needed support.

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