The academic program focuses on experience, inquiry, and collaboration. Our goal is to teach students how to define good questions, how to research and analyze, and how to present their thinking in coherent and compelling ways. We graduate young adults of conscience, character, and compassion.

Many of our students need to feel involved in their academic pursuits and supported by their teachers. Teachers are always available for discussion, inspiration and extra help. Our small school atmosphere, with small classes, creates opportunities for students to engage in debate and develop the intellectual skills fostered by a liberal arts education. We offer learning support and work with students to meet academic expectations. Gifted students are provided advanced learning opportunities.

The English department explores the classics and modern fiction with an emphasis on comparative analysis, writing, oration, research and criticism. Our humanities department aspires to offer students a broad base of knowledge and a grasp of the origins and evolution of ideas in history, politics, economics, and philosophy. We approach science with an emphasis on inquiry and the scientific method. Because of our country setting, we explore our own watershed and environment and seek to understand better ways to manage our resources. Our art curriculum is designed to encourage creative expression, teach tangible visual communication skills and both stir and calm the inner critic emphasizing the expression in the moment.

Our academics and mindfulness foster engaged, creative young adults who are supported by a compassionate community.

Lotus School Festival

This July 22nd, please join The Lotus School of Liberal Arts at River Country– a community event! Come out on ...
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Bucks County Herald: Op-ED on: Small Schools

For many children school size matters Small schools create a base for individualized learning A statewide poll mentioned during a ...
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May 22 Open House

Come visit our unique high school and see what a mindfulness-based education looks like. So many of our clients and ...
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Paddling Lake Nockamixon

A relaxing day Paddling Lake Nockamixon ending with some service cleaning up the park. Share this:Click to share on Twitter ...
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Shim Gum Do Trip

Every year Lotus students take a trip to Boston, MA to the Shim Gum Do Temple, where they connect the ...
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Mindfulness in the Classroom: How to connect with young people on any subject.

An Open House Event Mindfulness in the Classroom: How to connect with young people on any subject. 3:00 p.m. Join ...
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